Hotel Link has the right set of tools for you to:

Build an effective online presence

Get more bookings

Provide a great guest experience

Increase your profits and revenue

Explore our core solutions
Channel Manager
Connect to the world! 

Manage your online inventory distribution with our powerful Channel Manager and stay updated on how your preferred online travel agencies are helping you maximise brand exposure.
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Front Desk 

Daily Tasks Done Right

Our Front Desk is a modern and intuitive system that integrates seamlessly with our booking platform to maintain direct control over the daily operations of your accommodation.
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Booking Engine

Be instantly bookable!

Improve the effectiveness of your web presence with our easy-to-use Booking Engine. It has an intuitive user-friendly interface and is also incredibly powerful, allowing you to create specials, handle multiple rooms bookings, upsell services and much more.
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85% of all international travel payments are made by credit card. It’s also where most costs, fraud, chargebacks and other problems occur.

Hotel Link Pay has been built specifically for accommodation providers to tackle these cross border payments challenges. It both lowers your costs and improves your customer experience.
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Hotel Website

Your most important digital asset is your website!

Hotel Link offers beautifully designed and easy-to-use website templates which come with many customisable features. They are easy to update, responsive, fast loading and optimised for conversions.
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Smart Rate
Set and sell at appropriate prices!

An intelligent algorithm that allows you to monitor how OTAs are pricing your rooms versus rates you are promoting via your website. The ultimate tool to make sure you are always competitive.
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Is your accomodation ready for a free diagnosis?

Want to know what you are doing well, and more importantly, where you need to focus your efforts to optimize online sales and bookings? Then look no further; the digital HealthCheck is the place to start.
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